Smart Mining

Smart Mining

A Smart Mine IoT pilot was initiated during the course of 2017. The focus of the pilot was to prove that we could integrate multiple assets into a single IoT ecosystem which could be managed from a central control room. This included the installation and integration into the following assets:

  • Raptor edge gateway integration into the CAN bus of 9 vehicles
  • Raptor edge gateway integration into 2 interlocking doors
  • 2 Harmful gas sensors installed
  • 4 Water flow meters installed
  • x2 CCTV Cameras integrated into the IoT platform

Customised dashboards were developed for the client to display the live data being transmitted from the edge into the cloud. Working with the client we established thresholds for all of the assets being monitored and developed automated workflows and alerts to notify relevant persons on exceptions as they occurred. The multiple data points collected from the vehicles allowed us to also develop algorithms that informed us on the performance of specific elements of the machinery i.e how many holes drilled by the XLP Bolter within a shift. Under the clients guidance, historical reporting dashboards were also created for the vehicles, allowing for an in depth KPI analysis with the relevant manufacturers and operators.

The pilot was a resounding success and it has since expanded into a full rollout into the mine. For the first time the mine has a consolidated view of its assets with real time data working cohesively to drive KPIs, efficiencies and risk reduction.

  • Client: IoT.nxt
  • Date: November 2017
  • Location: South Africa
  • Author: Llewellan Vance

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