The Smart Base Transceiver Station(BTS)

The Smart Base Transceiver Station(BTS)

In 2017  a global first IoT enabled Autonomous Base Station Solution was deployed. This entailed the installation of the agnostic IoT.nxt Raptor Gateway which integrated into several existing sub systems and sensors. This included the following:

  • Rectifier
  • Landis + Gyr Energy Meter
  • PIR
  • Door sensor
  • Smoke Sensor
  • Temperature sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Diesel Generator
  • Fuel cell
  • CCTV cameras
  • RFID readers + RFID tagging of all assets

The goal, to mitigate several existing operational challenges being experienced in managing this vast asset base. A business case was developed for each use case identified and presented back to the client. For the first time the client had a single consolidated view of all the data pertaining to the BTS which not only provided real time insight, but also applied machine learning and Q learning to drive the base station to run itself as efficiently as possible through bi-directional control. The pilot has since been expanded into a bigger rollout and this is now a productised solution.

  • Client: IoT.nxt
  • Date: November 2017
  • Location: South Africa
  • Author: Llewellan Vance

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